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About the 2018 BCCNF Spring Drive & Picnic Web Album

The Album includes photographs of all the British Car Marques that attended the Photo-Shoot at the Ribault Club. Cars and people are not in sets by Marque, but have been added in a random format.

The photographs are from various sources, as indicated on the Credits at the end of the Album. Lighting conditions were variable, and some photos were edited in order to improve their brightness and definition. This has resulted, in a number of cases, of colors being modified from their true original color.

We have been unable to include all photographs that were taken of the event, and may have missed you, the viewer, and your car from the Album. Thirty Five cars atternded, with over seventy people. If you have a photograph you wish to be included please eMail a Hi Resolution copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The event was a major success with Jaguars, MGs, Austin-Healeys, Triumphs, Allards, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, and British built Ford Cortinas in the mix. A big thanks to all those who supported, and attended the event. 

To Proceed Directly to the Photo Album Click on the Icon at the Top of this Article

To View Photos Full Size: Individual Photographs in the Album may be increased to Full Size by Clicking on an individual photograph. You may scroll through all the photographs using the > handles (forward or back) each side of the Full Size photos. With some devices you may require to ‘Swipe Left’.

To Download your favorite Photographs: When viewing photographs Full Size, three vertical dots can be seen in the Top Right corner of the Photo frame. Click on the dots and you will see a small menu with Down Load, and Slide Show options. These are self evident. The Slide Show option automatically scrolls through all the Full Size photogaphs in the Album, hands free.


A BIG THANK YOU to Richard Gross of MG Classics for instigating the Event, and Toni Martini, Paul Sandefer, Penny and Alex Levy, and Lance Brazil for bringing along such an excellent portfolio of British Cars. Our thanks goes to Dan Scanlan of the Times Union, for reporting the event in the Florida Times Union.

Photos Courtesy of: Penny Levy - Triumph Club; EF Onsagar - Austin-Healey Club; Craig Kerins - Jaguar Club: Lance Brazil - Triumph Club, and Paula Massey - MG Club.