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About JCNA


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About JCNA 

  • The Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA) is the umbrella organization that represents the Jaguar Car Clubs of North America. It is dedicated to the wide range of Jaguar motorcars old and new, and the American, Canadian and Mexican enthusiasts who love them. JCCNF is an Affiliate Member of JCNA. JCNA interfaces with Jaguar USA and represents the interests of the Affiliate Clubs by lobbying Jaguar USA on their behalf.
  • Incorporated in 1954, JCNA has become the hub of Jaguar enthusiasts from Canada, Mexico, the United States and around the world. As a social organization with a common interest in the Jaguar marque, JCNA strives to provide members with the widest range of services and activities for those with an enthusiasm for all Jaguars.
  • JCNA is not just limited to competitions and shows. Many other activities that individual clubs have initiated range from exclusive showings of the latest Jaguar model to group vacations! Members own from the rarest to the latest Jaguar cars, while some do not yet own a Jaguar at all.  JCNA welcomes anyone with an interest in Jaguar cars to become part of the family.

Conditions of Membership 

  • All members of Affiliated Jaguar Car Clubs are automatically enrolled in JCNA, and are provided with a JCNA Number.
  • JCNA takes a fee from Affiliates Car Clubs, currently equivalent to $30 per annum, per Primary Member. Clubs are not allowed to have a Primary Membership Class that is not subject to the JCNA Fee, with limited exceptions. For details of Membership Classifications as defined in the JCCNF Bylaws click on This Active Link.  

Benefits of Membership

  • The main benefits to the Primary JCCNF Member are as follows:

    • Members receive a Monthly Magazine with Articles, and Information about the Jaguar World, Jaguar USA activities, and general information about issues that impact on Jaguar owners.

    • Members are covered by Insurance when participating in JCNA Sanctioned Events, primarily limited to Sanctioned Concours, Rallys, and Slaloms, that are required to be consistent with JCNA rules for the type of event.